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Int'l Tax Treaties

Course (LEX 7416) and Seminar (LEX 8361)

This course (2 credits) may also be taken as a seminar (3 credits), which requires a research paper. All students are required to take the final exam, including those taking the course as a seminar.

Course Materials. I have posted below a syllabus and introductory memo and some of the course materials (I have not yet updated all of them). The course materials are password protected. Students in the course will have access to the course materials after receiving the password. You can get the password from my secretary, Olive Hyman, at (313) 577-0088 or Or I will give it to you in class. It is the same password as I used in the int'l tax course.

Introductory Memo (as of January 5, 2013)

Syllabus (as of January 5, 2013)

Planning Problem Assignments


Reading Assignments: Note: To open the pdf files for each class, you will need to know the password, which is case sensitive. Call my Secretary, Olive Hyman, at 7-0088 for the password or get it from me in class.

The assignment for the first class is to read the materials for Class #1 posted below. Those materials are NOT password protected at this time.

  • Cover, Tax Treaty Materials
  • Tax Treaty Materials (2013) (password protected)

Additional Course Materials by Week

For access to my Taxation and Development (TAD) website, with extensive materials on tax treaties, please click here.

To access the pdf files on this website, please download the most recent free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader by clicking on the button above.