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Taxation (Basic Tax)

LEX 7816

Additional Materials

  • Over There (World War I song by George M. Cohan, of "Cohan Rule" fame. Text. Backup MP3.
  • Daily Show (Oct. 25, 2009) spoof of tax aspects of Oprah's "gift" of Pontiacs to her audience of poor people needing wheels. (large file: 10 MB, Apple MOV). Thanks to Prof. Joel Newman.
  • Murphy case (holding that the taxation of money received for nonphysical damages is unconstitutional).
    • Government's Petition for Rehearing En Bank (Oct. 5, 2006)
    • D.C. Circuit, No. 05-5139, vacates its original opinion on its own initiative, (Dec.22, 2006)
  • Howard Hollis in Japan, 1947 (picture and story, courtesy of Prof. Bridget Crawford)
  • U.S. Budget (2007), Analytical Perspectives, Tax Expenditures, pp. 285-328.
  • Joel Slemrod, The Fortune 400 (article showing recent and dramatic increase in the concentration of income at the very top).
  • Paul Krugman, The Tax-Cut Con, New York Times, Sept. 14, 2003. Krugman argues that the Bush tax cuts for the rich have been promoted on false and shifting economic and political premises. He demonstrates that they threaten the major New Deal and Great Society programs, such as Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, within two decades.
  • Bob McIntyre, Review of The Great Tax Wars By Steven R. Weisman. Simon & Shuster (2002). Published in modified form in The Washington Monthly, Jan.-Feb. 2003. A stirring history of the battle for fair taxes in America, starring Presidents George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Grover Cleveland, Teddy Roosevelt, William Taft, and Woodrow Wilson, with an assist from Alexander Hamilton and William Jennings Bryan, and followup by President Franklin Roosevelt. For a law review article by Prof. Calvin Johnson, U-TX, on the early constitutional history of taxes, follow this link.
  • Cheese Shop (Monty Python) Excerpt, Full (wav files)Link1 and Link2 to full text.
  • Letter to a Young Law Student, One perspective on what is important about law school and a career in the law.
  • Jack Welsh, recently retired from GE, got some great perks. Here is a link to a color-coded chart of his perks, prepared by divorce lawyers for his wife. On Sept. 17, 2002, he told the GE Board that he is renouncing most of them.
  • Tax Code (Complete, House of Representatives)
  • Gross Income (YouTube song).