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Links: International Tax


Tax Law: International  
Ordering information on some of my international tax books
This site monitors policy making at the United Nations.
Website of the OECD, an organization of the major industrial countries that is the keeper of the Model Income Tax convention
US Website of European Union, with treaty and other materials
Parliament of Europe --- Treaty page
Material on EU efforts at reforming company taxation within the EU
The IRS of the United Kingdom
Website of IBFD, which publishes many int'l tax journals, including its Bulletin. The site has an excellent catalogue of tax publications and an int'l tax glossary.
The IRS of Canada (formerly Revenue Canada).
IMF, with lots of economic studies on int'l topics
Material on international efforts to stop tax haven abuses and international tax evasion and avoidance.
Ministerio de Hacienda, direccion General de Tributos (with various government reports, including e-commerce report)
The International Tax Dialogue (ITD) is an initiative by the IMF, OECD, and World Bank to encourage and facilitate discussion of tax matters among national tax officials and international organizations.
An amazing set of tax charts showing how a wide variety of transactions of interest to tax specialists operate.
UN, keeper of the UN Model Treaty
A centralized resource for philanthropy in Europe, based in Brussels.