International Aspects of U.S. Income Taxation

LEX 7401, CRN 25539

Exam Announcements (Fall 2012):

Grading Completed and Submitted

I've completed the grading and will post the essay questions on the web site soon. You will be able to pick up your bluebooks after the grades have been approved by the Dean's Office and posted by the Records Office. The scores range from a high of 73/100 (A+) to a low of 39/100 (B-).



Assignment for First Week: Residence & Source Jurisdiction

Class Materials

McIntyre, International Taxation.



/McIntyre_articles/Intl/OECD_Combined_Reporting.pdf">Challenging the Status Quo: The Case for Combined Reporting, Tax Management Transfer Pricing Report, Vol. 20 No. 22, pp. 1165-1173 (March 22, 2012).
  • India and TNMM
  • Part 7 Chapters 25-29 (Controlled Foreign Corporations)
  • How to play Hopscotch: Rules, Rules2, Video Link