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Links: Other Law


Other Law
A web site maintained at Deakin University, Australia, that gives links to courts in many countries
Has all the opinions and is the best place to go to find out in a hurry if you lost your SCt case
Links to Law School websites, alphabetically and by state
Gateway to statistics from 100 plus federal agencies
Huge glossary of financial terms, prepared by Campbell R. Harvey, with over 7,200 entries and 18,000 hyperlinks. Amazing!
The Financial Dictionary consists of definitions of the most popular and commonly used financial terms.

Great links to all kinds of government documents --- State, Federal, and International

Official web site of the State of Michigan
Official website of U.S. Supreme court, with current information on Court's docket
Website maintained by the Federal Reserve Bank of Minn. that allows you to find out what a dollar in any year from 1913 on is worth today. No adjustment for economic growth.